Getting Perfectly Sized Press-Ons

Having the proper nail size is crucial to having long lasting press-ons! When sizing your nails, make sure you are sizing your natural nail - not on top of an existing nail enhancement.
Once you have received your sizing kit in your dream shape, start with your pinky on your left hand.
Find a press on that is going to line up with the left and right edge of your natural nail without having to push the press on down to fit your nail.
If the press-on is covering past your natural nail and onto your skin, it's too big!
When sizing your nails, remember to size each individual nail! For instance, my index fingernail is a different size on my left hand than my right hand.
On the back of the sizing kit card, note your nail sizes from left to right and you're now ready to order your dream custom press-ons! Perfectly sized to your natural nails!
If you'd like a visual aid to ensure you're getting that perfect fit, click the button to see the video tutorial!
Press-On Sizing Tutorial

Applying Custom Press-Ons

You've gotten your custom press-ons and you're ready to apply - and the key to long-lasting nails is all in the prep work!
- Remove all of your press-ons from the backing card and arrange them in application order from left to right.
- Clip and file your fingernails of any broken, bending, or splitting ends
- Use the cuticle stick to push back cuticles and remove debris from the natural nail
- *If you have cuticle nippers, trim away any dead skin or cuticle
- Using the buffing block, buff all of the nails - removing any shine from the natural nail
- Use the alcohol wipes to cleanse the nail of any dust, debris or residue
Applying with stickers :
- Size the nail sticker to your natural nail, and apply the sticker to the underside of the accoring press-on
- Once all of your press-ons have stickers, remove the plastic backing, bring the top of the press-on to the cuticle area, then apply the press-on to the nail - holding for about 10 seconds
Applying with nail glue :
- [Be careful!] Cut the seal off of the nail glue using a pair of scissors
- Avoiding the cuticle and skin, apply a thin coat of nail glue onto the natural nail
- Bring the top of the according press-on to the cuticle area at a 45 degree angle, then apply the press-on to the nail - holding for about 15 seconds
With the proper application, treating your nails like jewels - not tools, you will have a gorgeous manicure that will last!
For a visual aid on how to apply your custom press-ons, click the button below to see the video tutorial!
Press-On Application Tutorial

Safely Removing Press-Ons

Just... thank you for reading this. The fact that you are looking at how to remove your nails safely shows that you care about your nails - both natural and press-on!
Ripping your press-ons off removes layers of your natural nail and resulting in thin, sensitive, and fragile nails for at least 3-6 months! That's 3-6 months of your nails splitting, breaking, and possibly bleeding! D:
But! You're not going to do that to your natural nails - that's why you're here! c:
So! First off youre going to get a bowl of warm+ water - like hot shower kind of hot. Then, drizzle a bit of dish or hand soap in there, and a bit of olive/canola oil - whatever you have at home! Give it a bit of a mix and then pop your hands in there!
Now, depending on how you applied your press-ons, you will have to soak your hands for 10+ minutes.
Press-ons applied with stickers will pop off quicker than those applied with nailvglue. As you are soaking, around the 10 minute mark, gently press on the tips of your press-ons to see if they are lifting. If you feel them lifting, gently use your cuticle pusher to lift the press-on off. If you have to apply a force to remove the press-on - give it more time to soak! Another 5-10 minutes of soaking is better than 3-6 months of fragile nails!
*For nails applied with stickers, you can use your cuticle pusher to remove the stickers from your nail and the press-ons!
*For nails applied with nail glue, remember to buff away the residual nail glue from the natural nail!
To ensure you are treating your nails nice and safelty, click the button below to see the video tutorial!
Removing Press-Ons - Safely!