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Sunny Tulips

Sunny Tulips

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Pastel sunshine yellow with delicate tulips encircled with 3D dotted lines - topped with matte🌷☀️

In your press-on order you will receive :

𔓎 Full set of hand painted press-on nails (10 nails)
𔓎 Instruction card
𔓎 Cuticle pusher
𔓎 Nail file
𔓎 Buffing block
𔓎 Two cleansing wipes
𔓎 Adhesive nail stickers
𔓎 Nail glue
𔓎 Resealable plastic pouch to hold all of the application tools! ✨

If your nails do not fall under the preset sizes and need custom sizing, please detail your nail sizes, left hand, then right hand, from pinky to thumb. 

If you're unsure of your nail sizes, and want perfect fit for your custom press-ons, order a sizing kit! This way we can find the perfect size as everyone's nails are so unique - from arch of the nail to the width.




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